Absa is Hiring For A Process Administrator To Support Initiatives Around Process Implementation

Absa is Hiring For A Process Administrator To Support Initiatives Around Process Implementation

  • Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Number of Vacancies: 1
  • Closing Date: Not Specified

About Absa

Absa Group Limited, commonly known simply as Absa and formerly the Amalgamated Banks of South Africa until 2005 and Barclays Africa Group Limited until 2018, is a multinational banking and financial services conglomerate based in Johannesburg, South Africa and listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

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Key Responsibilities

The purpose of the role is to ensure the effective and efficient business processes and optimal integration of processes, people and technology by interactively analysing, researching, designing, recommending and implementing innovative and cost-efficient business processes. Support initiatives around the implementation of new and re- engineered processes.

Training Admin & Facilitation

  • Provide training and evaluate and manage training sessions.
  • Coordinate and facilitate analysis, assessment and design workshops and initiatives to identify improvement opportunities.
  • Provide / coordinate training and knowledge transfer for the deployment of new processes / process changes to the respective stakeholders / teams.
  • Facilitate training and support required for maintaining processes and methodologies.
  • Facilitate and Train cross functional staff in approved methodologies, best practices and problem-solving skills.
  • Booking of training venues and catering.
  • Keeping track of attendance of all attendees for training sessions and providing feedback to the team.
  • Keeping track of feedback surveys, printing of training material etc.
  • Facilitate and integrate process designs, improvements and maintenance amongst role-players and effectively network with all stakeholders.
  • Facilitate project meetings and workshops, engaging stakeholders, subject matter experts and attendees at all levels.

Process Optimisation and Design

  • Compilation and implementation of standardised business process improvement and re-engineering methodologies.
  • Undertake business process improvement initiatives aimed at improving efficiencies and effectiveness of operations.
  • Provide input into to the documentation, formalisation and validation of the to-be concept and design proposals.
  • Effectively network, liaise, advice and communicate with all stakeholders.
  • Conduct pro-active detection of process bottle-necks and high level operational value chain.
  • Promote the generic functionality and end-to-end value chain ownership, breaking barriers to silo thinking and behaviors, within Business Units.
  • Define process performance criteria and requirements in terms of time, cost, resources (people, systems, financials) etc.
  • Proactively participate in business efficiency improvement forums and to play an active role in the change initiatives process, by assessing and recommending the feasibility of change request received.
  • Interact and network with own management team and other BU process engineers (custodians) in order to ensure alignment and integration of operations.
  • Maintain interaction with business analysts, change agents as well as project managers to create synergies before / during / after process re-engineering and implementation.
  • Support identification of the scope (core and sub–processes) and life cycle of business processes within area of responsibility taking into account the Absa standards.
  • Provide input into to the documentation, formalisation and validation of the to-be concept and design proposals.
  • Apply various applicable Industrial / Systems Engineering principles in process constraints and opportunity identifications, as well as Solutioning.
  • Build working relationships with project team and stakeholders and secure their support to achieve project goals.

Knowledge Repository Management (including Process Library, iServer Access and SharePoint) (35%)

  • Create and maintain a centralised process and knowledge management repository and provide access as required to stakeholders in the organization.
  • Review process models produced by the business and projects.
  • Ensure that modelling standards are being observed and that the models are of a standard that can be moved into the central repository when complete.
  • Make recommendations for improvements or changes to the process modeling standards of the organisation.
  • Maintain and administer the central process repository.
  • Ensuring completeness and currency of IT process repository.

Quality Assurance

  • To ensure process quality assurance alignment is maintained across the FM Strategy, Standards & Methodology.
  • To ensure that final publishing of iServer content adheres to the FM Standards and Policies when checking in models.
  • Undertake process improvement initiatives aimed at improving efficiency and effectiveness of operations (e.g., initiatives for process cycle time optimization, improved documentation and data collection, enhanced customer satisfaction).
  • Analyse project successes and root causes of failures to streamline processes in all phases of project management.
  • Work towards continuous process improvement and the enhancement of quality and consistency of IT processes and methods across the organisation.
  • Ensure that processes and procedures as well as system designs are integrated into a single business solution.

Produce Reports & Monitoring Compliance (Reports/Stats)

  • Compile & produce relevant reports such as business maturity, capability maturity, as-is processes versus to-be processes etc.
  • To enable Business to make informed decisions regarding their processes based on relevant statistics and reporting.
  • For new process / process change initiatives, conduct feasibility and readiness assessments with regard to capabilities and resources, and define corresponding action plans to support the initiatives.
  • Ensure that all reports produced comply with the FM Strategy and Policy requirements.

Industry Research (Repository Management, Tools & Techniques)

  • Review industry standard frameworks for processes and adapt relevant processes for the organization.
  • Design and develop / update the processes based on organization requirements and industry standard processes.

Process Performance Monitoring (BA) (25%)

  • Perform business impact analysis in liaison with line managers on any change that is imposed on the current operational environment.
  • Measure and baseline all current main value chains’ performance and comparison of the to–be process performance.
  • Apply basic and methodologies to identify efficiency enhancement opportunities.
  • Liaison with line managers on changes that is imposed on current operational environment.
  • Identify process improvement opportunities in the business regarding Quality, Cost & Delivery.
  • Responsible for the on-time collection and analysis of all metrics related to projects and the production of agreed format reports for the monthly business reviews.
  • Monitor process performance based on defined parameters / conduct process performance diagnostics to identify improvement opportunities.
  • Coordinate with respective stakeholders / teams to plan deployment of new processes / process changes.
  • Oversee integration and adoption of new processes / process changes.
  • Define process performance criteria and requirements in terms of time, cost, resources (people, systems, and financials).
  • Benchmark processes to identify shortfalls and improvement areas in process definition /deployment.
  • Consult and strategise with Business Units to achieve Goals and Targets.
  • Share best practices both within Projects and between team members across the business.

Maintain Methods & Standards

  • Define the standards and methodologies for process modelling.
  • Compile and implement (as applicable) standard process improvement and re-engineering
  • methodologies.

Process Modelling

  • Identify, evaluate, select and implement tools for process modelling, analysis and improvement.
  • Modelling on respective tools (i.e., iServer) as per the ABSA standard.
  • Ensuring that standards are followed in process modelling.


  • 3-5 years in process administration experience
  • Repository Management
  • Understanding of data management


  • Ideally 1-2 financial services
  • Basic understanding or process management


Bachelor`s Degrees and Advanced Diplomas: Physical, Mathematical, Computer and Life Sciences (Required)

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